This consultation portal was conceptualized and created by Dr. PunitGoel, Dr Mahmud Uzzaman and Dr. MuktakMathur. These doctors are board certified in medicine and are practicing acute care physicians at a large tertiary care hospital in Richmond, VA,USA. They have extensive experience with inpatient and outpatient medicine treating various pathologies and disease processes. These three physicians have strong roots in the South Asian region and have obtained there early education there. They have a lot of family and friends in India and other south Asian countries and are well versed in the unique patlogical and cultural footprint of that part of the world.

This portal was created with the intent to provide unbiased, unprejudiced, evidence based, professional medical opinion to our clients. Personal or family illness evokes anxiety, fear and apprehension. Patients and their relatives want clear understanding of the disease process and the treatment plan. They want their doctors to provide evidence based, unbiased, personalized treatment plans for the quickest and least cumbersome recovery.

We understand that navigating the complex world of medical and surgical consultation may be intimidating. As practicing physicians, we have received multiple email, phone calls and letters from our family and friends seeking guidance on illnesses and treatment modalities. Unfortunately, healthcare delivery has been blemished by financial interests and unsubstantiated treatment protocols. Medical ethics and Hippocratic Oath has taken a back seat to profits and revenues.

We at strive to deliver 100% fair, evidence based, data driven medical opinion for common or complex medical conditions. Our consultants are board certified by American Board of Specialty Medicine certifying there in depth knowledge and expertise. Our consultants work both in community settings and/or academic center with exposure and experience to treat complex medical conditions.

Our goal is to provide objective medical opinion based on facts and medical data without any financial prejudice. We do not seek referrals or affiliate ourselves to any healthcare organization in the world to keep our services completely free of prejudice and bias. We consult in multiple languages and provide multiple options to communicate with our doctors. We are 100% committed to our clients and will provide the best possible, latest , specialty guidelines based medical opinion to our clients for better outcomes.

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